Two cameras instead of two guns


I am awake all night long for about 4 nights by now.  Protecting my things.  My things in a garage. I was not sure that “that” was what I was doing until into 3rd nights doing so.  One point I found myself carrying two cameras from my both shoulders like in one of those C. Eastwood Marconi Western movies, como un hombre armado, and I had a grey trench coat over them to hide them like as if I was some kinda gangsta.  I think that’s what I was (and am) doing.  Last night I felt complete chaos nothing like ever before.  It was not like that I couldn’t find my wallet before I go to work, or I couldn’t find my favorite coffee cup, or I couldn’t the find the number that woman gave me at a donut shop and shit I need to call her….    It was a chaotic where I knew all of those things in front of me (cuz I’m the owner), but I didn’t know where anything was, I couldn’t locate anything.  Stuff from both my studio and my resident were both right there in front of me in my garage and I couldn’t find things when I needed them like you normally know where your things are.  I had built some kinda barricade to separate us as out there and in here, and had a light on up above to illuminate everything.  Funny thing was that I had a medical purpose white mask on due to my seasonal allergy, and I looked like a solder protecting his little fort.



I was able to find tequila.



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