As the world turns…

That’s a TV soap although my fave was All My Children.  Dr. Cliff or someone like that.  Anyway, as it turns out this whole thing is looking upwards.  Starting this week I have my own a spanking new shooting only space!!  It’s funky, it’s art, it’s bauhaus, it’s something.. something…   (I remember these were some of the words I used to advertise my business back in 1988/89?  Hah, I know what they really mean now which clearly I didn’t back then. lol.)   It should be all done and ready to commence shooting by Wednesday, but realistically I’m gonna wait to let the paint fume go, and blessed by Manmyo Horen Gekyo chanting people on Thursday, and on Friday night I stretch to sweat out me to mark my turf, so realistically by Saturday is more like it.  I will be scheduling private photo shoot tutoring session each and every night starting next week.  Each night session fee is $11.00 per person @ paypal to register.  For now, a spectacular virgin session of this shooting space is being formulated.  Hard!


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