These young people inspired me big.

Thanks to Blue Suns,  a local band of three 17-year-olds, Carly, Sam and Harry, I felt joy to my core listening to their music at the living room of Harry’s parents yesterday late afternoon.  I was watching my feet started to move to their music and smiling more than taking pix. I felt pretty silly saying things like, “uh, mp3 files are fine” when I didn’t know their music.  So glad I went yesterday.   SBJPG is photographing them this weekend as one of our photographic workshop, and I am now changing my mind about this just be a workshop after hearing Blue Suns’s sound.  Their sound is a lot more than just so-called ‘garage band’ because their natural senses of their own abilities to flirt with sound they create. That’s as a group as well as each individual player. What I simply mean is that their sound is more united and sophisticated.  Simply amazing. They didn’t have this musical-instruments-brought-together-and-played-together sound which you often run into here and there at someone else’s garage on weekends.  My opportunity to hear them yesterday was one of those after-school-band-practice that I wanted to check it out before this weekend’s workshop.  I’d like to reschedule this as ‘Blue Suns: yet another Jam Session with a fundraiser rock-a-thom for Japan Tsunami”.   Stay tune for more info coming later.




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