New Chapter Yet To Come

As you know I left my studio space at 924 Anacapa Street.  It’s sad, I know.  But for some crazy reason, this whole moving thing is getting better, so it seems.  It started when my home landladies gave me “go-ahead” on remodeling a flood damaged bedroom which I quickly converted into a shooting space/area mentally, and into reality by next day.  SO TOTALLY NOT EXPECTED.

It’s been seven working days and it’s almost done.  CAN’T WAIT  >>o<<   Tomorrow, finishing up with electrical and painting.  I think that should be it.  I’m gonna have “unofficial” Shooting Space/Area Grand Opening Shootout with just few other SBJPG members on Friday (that’s tomorrow!!).

Thanks ladies!

Kamikaze Office

Last days (nights) of my studio on 924 Anacapa Street, Santa Barbara CA … but that’s whole different story.                                                                                                   カリフォルニア州 サンタバーバラにあった924アナカパ通りスタジオ最後の日々夜々。。またそれは別な話し。

Dry walling entire place except hard wood floor

General Contractor inspects

GE directs dry wall people with special window frame instruction

Finish carpenters

SBJPG Shooting Space/Area Building Project in Santa Barbara, CA

New window for strip window light

Flood damaged property restoration and rebuilding

I had a chance to visit my friend in the hospital

Working into night

He sits quietly and patiently

Electricians at Work

New ‘used/unwanted’ Door

One of the member has just purchased a spanking new strobe system that he is itching to try it out.  I know how he feels. We can shoot something fun, break-in  gear (recycle time, output capacity, quality check) and admire the spanking new shooting space/area. I will plan several workshops throughout next week leading up to the official grand opening workshop on Sunday.  All I got to say is, “wow”.

(Please pray for ‘wet paint no more’ for Friday!!!!  Thank you!)

Color sampling. I will have multicolored wall of love and heart (by justin b)

This is going to have to work well because I will need a space to store all my stuff while I’m gone for couple of years, so this would be a perfect place for it once I make it into a storage space (yet another transformation!).  Nice knowing that I have a place to shoot right away when I return, although I plan to visit back at least once 1/2 way through my time off.


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