SBJPG – CD Cover Photo Session & Digital Darkroom Workshop

Last Saturday’p SBJPG workshop offered best of both worlds: a photo shoot and  post-production combined workshop.  A local band, Blue Suns (3@17-year-old!!) and SBJPG members gathered last Saturday for the band photos as well as their new CD Cover.  さてさて、4月になってきて、久々のそしておひさしぶりの、SBJPGのワークショップだ。元気にいこうってことで、ミュージックバンドのブルーサンズ(Blue Suns)のCDカバー撮り、(Digital Darkroom)デジタル画像加工, カメラレディのイメージファイル加工までの混合ワークショップです。ブルーサンズは17歳の高校3年生3人組のロックバンドです。最高にフレッシュなんです。果汁こぼれおちるぐらいなんです。

A beautiful Saturday Morning with Blue Suns

Blue Suns

The little one is not a part of Blue Suns, but she is as equally fashionable as them

Blue Suns’ #1 fans: moms

Martin stands over them.

SBJPG member Martin & Marco  frame Blue Suns

Vocals, Guitar: Sam

Vocals, Bass, Keyboard: Carly

Vocals, Drums, Shaker: Harry

Marco does his low angle

Multi-Tasking, Multi-Talented Sandra: #1 fan, the band manager, event coordinator, driver,  photo assistant, stuff carrying lady and mom.  Thanks Sandra for all the things you do for us (on behalf of Blue Suns)

That’s a wrap!

A Bonus Image: “Give OJ, They’ll Jump” (during the digital darkroom at Martin’s


Followings are trial version samples for Blue Suns CD cover.  *They are NOT final layouts NOR the image of the cover.  These are just  samples.

CD Cover Layout Sample 1

CD Cover Layout Sample 2

CD Cover Layout Sample 3

CD Cover Layout Sample 4

CD Cover Layout Sample 5




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