SBJPG – Full Moon April

SBJPG does Full Moon shootout every month, but last two months on full moon nights were wet and cold, so naturally we had our hopes up high for this month’s. Four of us arrived at SBCC’s Calden Overlook and soon we realized that we couldn’t see the horizon because of heavy hazy-sky, and the temperature started dropping fast as the sun was setting and we were feeling not so optimistic about what was ahead of us.  At one point a member Shawn joked “No moon tonight, and we are just three dudes freezing our butts off”.  We were debating whether we should leave or not, and decided “okay, ten more minute” after already 15 minutes past so-called “moon rise” time at 7:34pm.  About 5 minutes or so into it, she appeared.  Perseverance paid off.


SBCC’s Calden Overlook facing East

SBCC’s Calden Overlook facing West

Bob, Greg and Shawn wait patiently

As soon as the moon appeared, we had to reposition ourselves

Greg and Shawn in silhouette



2 responses to “SBJPG – Full Moon April

  1. ぼくも満月とりたいなー



    • 実は、僕は、月が、いつも、ないてみえてます。お月さんって、なくんですよね。悲しくなっちゃう。


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