All things Japan #4 is tomorrow!

Would you like to find out why the Boy’s Day (May 5th) is a National Holiday but not Girl’s Day (March 3rd) although Boy’s Day is officially called “Children’s Day”, don’t be fooled by it cuz 100% of Japanese people say it that it is the day to celebrate the boyhood.  I’m surprised that none of those women’s rights organizations or something like that (in Japan) have not made it into some kind of a violation issue to discuss it or protest it to make the Girl’s Day a national holiday as well.  I have a feeling that there would be many upset people/group/organization in the US?

やった!”なんでも日本”の第4弾は、端午の節句を、はじめいろいろな日本についてお話しますね。と、云うか、お話しましょう、が正しい。(いつもの ”なんでも日本” やります)  気になっていたのは、なぜ端午の節句は休日なのに、桃の節句は休日じゃないこと。アメリカじゃあ、きっと女性の権利団体とか人間平等権団体みたいな人たちがすぐ問題にして、”桃の節句も休日にしよう!” って、なってるはすなんだけどなあ。。。

… and of course we will talk about our regular “ALL THINGS JAPAN”: Japanese Language, Japanese People, Japanese Anime, Japanese Music, Japanese MovieS, Sushi, Japanese Tea, Japanese Beer, Japanese Women, Japanese Men, Japanese Rice Field, Japanese Tatami (and tsunami), Japanese Calligraphy, Japanese Toys, Beautiful Tradition in Japan, Wicked Tradition in Japan, Neo-Japanese, Samurai, Kamikaze, Atomic bomb, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Pearl Harbor and Hello Kitty. What other Japanese stuff do you know? Come and Share. Spoiler Alert: “A Japanese word for the day” could start at any time now!!


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