Happy Birthday Doggy Photoshoot

My friend Wanda’s 83rd birthday is this coming Tuesday (5/24), and I want to keep her busy.  She loves dogs.  She’d enjoy your company if you could stop by with your dog.  ANYONE * stops by 1506 Portesuello Avenue Studio this Tuesday 24th  between 11:00am – 5:00pm, I can make a portrait of your doggy (or/and you) for you to take home** after short birthday visit with Wanda.  If you don’t own a dog, then you can bring ONE FLOWER for Wanda, and I’d still make your portrait. Please call me for more detail 805-637-0158

Calling For Dog Owners  
Puppy Love Never Dies (Daphne)

S BJPG / Santa Barbara Japan Photography Group

実は友達のワンダさんの83歳の誕生日があさっての火曜日なんだけど、何か楽しいこと、してやりたいなあって、ことで犬の撮影会をつかってワンダと忙しい1日を過ごそう。 犬の持ち主でないんだったら、ワンダにお花を一本で、お誕生日おめでとういわってくれたら、それでも、やっぱし、肖像写真撮ってあげますから、おいでなさ〜いい。 さあ、うまくいくことやら。。事後報告に目を注いで下さい。

* Anyone with, or without dogs, and I mean anyone who could stop by Wanda for a happy birthday wish :)

** Digital Image Files will be sent to your email account (WeTransfer.com)


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