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SBJPG – Finally, Summer Solstice Parade.

Again, it was moo-moo hot in the morning of Summer Solstice Parade last weekend, but by noon there was bright Summer Sun over Summer Solstice Parade. SBJPG was there to document the thing and have fun. Fun I did have, nice to be able see the entire parade from the start to the end from a relatively comfortable location with no running around and up and down on the hot asphalt paved road. I was shooting the parade as a part of SBJPG Photographic Workshop on Event Photography. (It wasn’t a job = Total control on every aspects of the shoot) client cuz I was the client) “Behind the Summer Solstice Parade” was an Event Photography Workshop (a part of professional development series)   <{more images coming later}>
 This year’s parade theme was “Jungle”

                  At first I thought they were Cows, then I realized they were Zebras.

                 Tall Man


 Elvie was a Witch last year.

                  Tall Woman

Santa Barbara’s own Roller Derby Ladies: SB Mission City Brawlin’ Betties!!

                   One of my fave.

 My favorite dance group, Hip Brazil. I was with them last year.

 I saw Rod singing to his guitar last night at Peabody’s.  Here, he shoots.

                  Just like any babies, I too like shiny things.

 and round things.

 Lots of round things.

 Summer Solstice’s own resident artist: Pali and his creation behind.

                   Pali’s big yellow ball with aerial dancer inside.

Bob, traffic control in charge, he often gives me extra few minutes (with many other events as well) which he will not do with general public.  I thank you for trusting my professionalism, Sir!  I will NOT abuse your kindness.

                     The tail end of the parade.

 One consistent view at every and all events and parades

                  I think I paid for one of the windshield wiper on this street cleaner.

More images to come later, in a mean time enjoy images from previous year’s parade.  Here are links:



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Portfolio: Manuel (1st Draft)

Waiting for da final confirmation…

SBJPG – Thursday Night Mystery 4

Alycia returns.  Ginormous white backlight utilizing your regular household. white bed sheet. Small softbox as fill.  SBJPGの木曜ミステリーセッションその4はモデルアリーシアの復活。すげえでかい背景照明機は、全然普段の白ベッドシートを活用。小さいソフトボックスでひかりはねかえす。


Last night SBJPG 2nd birthday (Happy birthday SBJPG!), and was super evening Guys, that you very much for coming out.  It means a lot too me.

Pancakes from this morning

2nd batch was of course near perfect

I like this shot… I mean I love it.

My friend Kotaro in Japan made this image, and I am jealous indeed. A great shot.   This is one of those ‘being in the right place at the right time” at its best!  

His 19-year-old eyes are very sharp, and have acute sense of seeing right elements in his world for his photography like I was once before.  Sure, I still have it but I sense mine come with all sort of BS, and am afraid that it no longer is pure nor sincere. Oh, how I wish I could get that back.

すげえ良い写真だ。うらやましい。これこそ俗に言う”適切なタイミングで適切な場所にいる (Being in the right place at the right time) “ではないか!彼の19歳の目は鋭く、そして彼の世界での写真をつく為に必要な要素を見極わめられる、それはまったっく自分が19歳の時の目と同じではないか。もちろんそれは今の自分にもあるんだが、その目は社会的な軽薄さに包まれていることはもう隠されない事実だ。くそ〜、もう一度あの目で見てみたい。

His blog > KOTARO

SBJPG Flamenca Loca – SHOOT OUT

She is hot, she is fierce, she is sexy, she is Flamenca Loca.  Our fabulous model/dancer Clarissa is going to burn up infamous June Gloom with her baile pasión.  Flamenca Loca is not coming back until next year, so get your camera gear and an extinguisher ready because she might super nova us.  Extreme Caution.

DATE & TIME: 6/26/2011 – 12:00PM – 5:00PM
LOCATION: To Be Announced Later
MODEL: Clarissa
FEE: $33.00
I want more

凄いことになった。彼女は炎、彼女は激、彼女はセクシー、彼女はフラメンコ狂踊姫。ぼくらの素晴らしいモデル/ダンサーのクラリッサは、サンタバーバラの悪名高き六月曇空を燃焼させる。フラメンコロカは来年まで戻らない。カメラ教材と消化器を用意しろ。なぜならば彼女はスーパーノヴァに達成するかもしれないぞ。 極豪危険大注意。

Ayudame por favor!  Ella es caliente, ella es muy fuerte, es sexy, es Flamenca Loca. Nuestro fabuloso modelo/bailarina Clarissa se ​​va a quemar infameabatimiento de junio con su Pasión baile. Flamenca Loca no volveráhasta el próximo año, así que su equipo fotográfico y un extintorlisto porque podría super nova nosotros. Precaución extrema.

SBJPG/Santa Barbara Japan Photography Group