SBJPG – Full Moon June

We thought we were going to have a nice Moonrise last night since we had a beautiful Sunset, but as soon as the Sun went down the fog started rolling in and totally swallowed us.  We were hopeful and waited patiently for the Moonrise until few minutes past 9pm (official moon rise 8:24pm), but not like last April we just couldn’t clear the heavy fog.   (Last April the Moon came out almost 40 min. after the official Moonrise.  May rained)

This is where we were supposed to see da Moon……(shot few minutes past 9pm)

Sunset last night

Fog rolling in

Jon getting the Sunset. I don’t know where Lynn was…I think she was the other side of the deck.

A view of the Yacht Harbor as we were walking back to our cars


2 responses to “SBJPG – Full Moon June

  1. Hey Kenji, last night was a full lunar eclipse, that is why there was no moon. Too bad it was not clear enough to see the eclipse :( It would have been amazing!


    • Full lunar eclipse!!!! No wonder! I read about it, but I thought that was for somewhere else… duh! Funny, there were 7 or 8 people (pedestrians) hanging out with us pointing up the sky saying “I think it’s over there the moon is gonna come out”, “no, I think it’s over there”…etc. None of us knew that’s what was going on.., ha ha ha. We even joked that we were going to form “The Santa Barbara Full Moon Society”. (That would have been a terrible group who knew nothing about things like that. LOL)


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