SBJPG – All Things Japan #6 Japanese Calligraphy Workshop ”なんでも日本 第六回” 習字大会

いやー習字大会たのしかったな~。てつさん、マスター習字先生として来てくれてありがとうね。参加者みんなすげえよろこんじゃって、おみやげの作品つくって、楽しい金曜日の夜になりましたです。君のサンタバーバラ最後の夜だったのに、僕らのために時間作ってくれて、ほんとうにありがとうね。これからも、よろしくおねがいしますです。SBJPG’S All Things Japan #6 was Japanese Calligraphy Workshop at our sponsor Coffee Cat.  Master Tetsu went over the history of Japanese Calligraphy very briefly, and we dove right into the good stuff.  I picked up a bundle of weekly local paper and we started writing our names, some tried positive words in Chinese characters such as HOPE and LOVE.  In fact, there was a girl name “Love” and amazingly she got that particular Chinese Character in just a few minutes.  The power of a young brain!!! We practiced about an hour or so before the final attempt to produce one (or more) on fine-looking Japanese Washi Papers. (Thanks to Yachiyo Sensei for those papers!!  Yachiyo Sensei is a SBCC’s Shuji Master as well as she teaches basic Japanese there)  Master Testu and his girlfriend Nicha produced the coolest looking Shuji for Coffee Cat in Chinese Character with a cute drawing of a Cat. Damn, it’s the cutest drawing of a cat everyone commented on made Mater Testu bit jealous that no one said anything about his Shuji of Coffee Cat.  I hope Krista would frame this and display it in her shop (hint hint).  Thank you Krista of Coffee Cat for being our sponsor and let us use her shop for this workshop.  In the end, we all had our names on Washi papers and they looked mighty awesome. We will have more of this, so any of you out there would like to try this come join us.   Tetsu leaves for Japan after his one-week-trip around the west coast with his friends.  Thank you Testu for spending his last evening with us, showing us the way of Shuji.  You da man!!!

 Shuji Workshop at Coffee Cat.  Krista, the owner is the one with cat ears

 Getting “Coffee Cat” right

 Father and Daughter Team

                  Henrik practices his stroke

                  Greg focuses on his “HOPE”

                   Marianne perfects her “N” sound in Japanese Katakana

 Photo by Genya.  Thanks Genya-Chan!

                  Love spreading her “LOVE”

                  Master Tetsu practices COFFEE CAT

                  She is done with her own name and now onto her brothers

                 Genya makes samples for others

                   Daddy Watt feels pressure cuz his girls are excellent at this

 Coffee Cat is on Anacapa Street x Anapamu Street

                  Nicha draws a cat for Coffee Cat

 Henrik’s name in detail

 Master Tetsu Signature

 Watt family


                  Marianne’s final

 Henrik’s final

                  Before anything, posture is at most import

 Coffee Cat by Tetsu & the Cat by Nicha.  OMG, cuteness

                   Devin does her brother Ryan

                 Greg believes in his “HOPE”

                   Robert in Japanese Katakana

                    Lovely Love

                  Master at work

 Need I say more?

Tetsu’s last night in Santa Barbara, but he promises to return someday.  He already secured his job in Hokkaido, Japan.  Thank you Tetsu!!!!

SBJPG / Santa Barbara Japan Photography Group


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