I do not usually shoot for this part of THE FUND FOR SANTA BARBARA event (The Grant Award Ceremony) that is the end result of their Annal Bread and Roses Fundraiser which I have been volunteering every year since 2003.  This is a sort of work that you need not be so creative but to come up with informational clean shots of people and the activities.  When you get too creative like often new and young photographers want to do, the results are not suitable for this type of client’s need.  I often have to remind them about that.  I’d like to select up to five shooters (within SBJPG members) for this September’s fundraising party (Bread and Roses 2011), so please talk to me about it if you think you can handle a large group of people (over 300 guests!) and feel confident and skilled enough to produce (1) a 100+ stuff & volunteer group shot, (2) people engaging fun shots (very important), (3) vender shots, (4) keynote speakers shots (mayors and other officials) and (5) beautiful venue and miscellaneous shots.  I will interview every one of you when you apply for this gig.  I WILL NOT BE ATTENDING THIS YEAR’S EVENT.  You are going to represent SBJPG*.  Small expenditure for shooters. (*©2011 SBJPG)  — You want to participate but you are not a member of SBJPG?  Well, then join us at —-

Executive Director of The Fund for Santa Barbara Geoff Green (L) and guests

2010 Bread & Roses
2009 Bread & Roses

Join SBJPG/Santa Barbara Japan Photography Group

2011 Bread & Roses is set for Saturday September 17th



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