SBJPG – Underwater Photography Field Test

I got the underwater camera, gained access to the location, secured an assistant, met up with models, and only thing missing from yesterday’s field test was the Sunshine!!!  Burrrrrr!  I wore my wetsuit so it wasn’t too bad for me, but OMG my poor models Max & PJC were the winners for the day.  I didn’t know what to expect from this since I have never done underwater photography, and it sure was a great learning experience (not to mention, FUN).  I’m so glad I did this for now I know what I need to be doing for upcoming da Mermaid Session.  And super thanks to Max, PJC and Alex for being such good sport.  You guys were the best, I tell you. :)  この水中撮影の予行練習は、いやーやってよかったなあ。ものすげえ、寒かったけど次回本番の人魚撮影のために、どんな準備をしなきゃならないか、よりいっそうはっきりとわかった。ぼくは、ウエットスーツを着てからそんなにでもなかったんだけど、アシスタントのアレックスさんAlexsandraは地上からの制作撮影だったから問題なかったんだけど、モデルさんのマックス君MaxとピージェイシーさんPJCは、根性だしてたけど寒い冷たいのど真ん中だったんだよねえ。もうぜ〜んぜん文句も言わずに感謝感激雨霰ってのは、このことだと思った。ありがとねお二人さん!!
© Production photography from the land by Alexsandra It’s embarrassing to say that this was probably my 3rd or 4th time wearing this wetsuit since its purchase at least 5 years ago :(

 Max was decent enough to wear his swim shorts this time

 Max followed my lead

 Brave woman PJC into cold water

 I discovered I needed weight to stay down

 Very difficult to focus and frame under water

 Reviewing half way through the session

 Shooting upwards

 I don’t remember swimming was this hard

 Shooting downwards

 Undesirable reflections from bubbles in foreground

 I was like ‘are we done yet?”

 I was getting the hang of it

 This boy knows no fatigue

                  Underwater housing gets foggy…. this can’t be good

We thought it was a good idea to carry a rock inside my wetsuit to stay at the bottom of the pool…. NOT (not heavy enough)

 I was photographing water surface from underneath

 I was photographing white planktons

 I was photographing friends of white planktons

                  Max claims his job is being cute

NOTE TO MYSELF: -Weights (a dumbbell) .-Shooting diagram of how mermaid should swim .-Shooting directions from shallow to downwards, from deep to upwards .-Must over exposed .-Clear goggles

SBJPG/Santa Barbara Japan Photography Group


2 responses to “SBJPG – Underwater Photography Field Test

  1. 水中撮影!ぼくもしてみたい





  2. awesome kenji!! you rock! = ) loved your photos and comments as you worked through the process. = )kimi


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