SBJPG – Finally, Summer Solstice Parade.

Again, it was moo-moo hot in the morning of Summer Solstice Parade last weekend, but by noon there was bright Summer Sun over Summer Solstice Parade. SBJPG was there to document the thing and have fun. Fun I did have, nice to be able see the entire parade from the start to the end from a relatively comfortable location with no running around and up and down on the hot asphalt paved road. I was shooting the parade as a part of SBJPG Photographic Workshop on Event Photography. (It wasn’t a job = Total control on every aspects of the shoot) client cuz I was the client) “Behind the Summer Solstice Parade” was an Event Photography Workshop (a part of professional development series)   <{more images coming later}>
 This year’s parade theme was “Jungle”

                  At first I thought they were Cows, then I realized they were Zebras.

                 Tall Man


 Elvie was a Witch last year.

                  Tall Woman

Santa Barbara’s own Roller Derby Ladies: SB Mission City Brawlin’ Betties!!

                   One of my fave.

 My favorite dance group, Hip Brazil. I was with them last year.

 I saw Rod singing to his guitar last night at Peabody’s.  Here, he shoots.

                  Just like any babies, I too like shiny things.

 and round things.

 Lots of round things.

 Summer Solstice’s own resident artist: Pali and his creation behind.

                   Pali’s big yellow ball with aerial dancer inside.

Bob, traffic control in charge, he often gives me extra few minutes (with many other events as well) which he will not do with general public.  I thank you for trusting my professionalism, Sir!  I will NOT abuse your kindness.

                     The tail end of the parade.

 One consistent view at every and all events and parades

                  I think I paid for one of the windshield wiper on this street cleaner.

More images to come later, in a mean time enjoy images from previous year’s parade.  Here are links:



2010 Summer Solstice Parade Update1 
2010 Summer Solstice Parade Update2
2010 Summer Solstice Parade Update3



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