Daily Archives: July 3, 2011

Photography as a lonely occupation

I was at the harbor few weeks ago with SBJPG for the full moon which almighty June Gloom plus lunar escape gotten us no mooning business.  Here my friend, Jon took a few shots of me trying to frame the Sun setting over SB’s Gibraltar Mountain.

Photo by Jon

Photo by Jon

… and this is what I got.

… and this was our sad attempt to get the moonrise :(


SBJPG – Get To Know Your Camera VIII “Manual Flash with Sunset”


からす  First image: “からす なぜ鳴くのからすは山に可愛い七つの子があるからよ”,と云う日本の昔の歌を、思い出した、一枚でした。近藤さんありがとよ歌詞さがしてくれて、ねえまったく突然のリクエストに驚いちゃったみたいでした、歯歯歯歯〜