SBJPG – Event Photography: A Sidewalk Concert

The Stiff Pickled did it again!  They were out on a Friday night to kick off 4th of July weekend by situating themselves in front of The Palace Grill and sharing their voice with passerby commoners.  I like his music.  His sounds make me want to play music and sing, but I had two shots of tequila instead.

友達がアメリカ国独立記念日週末の金曜日を利用して、サンタバーバラのパレスグリル (The Palace Grill) って云うレストランの前で”道ばたコンサート”となずけて、ひろうしていました。ブルースなんだけれども、楽しい雰囲気のサウンド、彼らの人気だあと思います。

 PJC shoots The Stiff Pickled Orchestra

 Tom and Rod of The Stiff Pickled Orchestra

 Inside of The Palace Grill

 I mentioned PJC that she was too far to shoot events.

The Stiff Pickled Orchestra
The Palace Grill


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