SBJPG – 4th of July Beach & Fireworks

One of the best 4th of July ever (I think I say that every year…no I don’t); I was able to combine two SBJPG workshops  into historical holiday activities such as BBQ, Beach and Fireworks.   (I was also secretly testing out a new workshop: Event Photography Volunteer Program/EPVP) BBQ and Beach as Event Photography Volunteers, and Fireworks was double-doubled as location check and program running time check.  I am pretty confident I will be able to work this into a workshop program 2012 for oversea clients.  SBJPGワークショップのお知らせ:2012独立記念日花火大会/ビーチパーティーツアー発揮させようとしてます。問い合わせと申し込みは、こちら。(写真は昨日の米国独立記念日の小一観)




SBJPG/Santa Barbara Japan Photography Group


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