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SBJPG – Event Photography Volunteer Program for Women’s Economic Ventures

SBJPG’S Event Photography Volunteer Program will send two shooters for Women’s Economic Ventures’s Networking event and celebration.

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SBJPG – 4th of July Beach & Fireworks (update 1)

Here are additional images of 4th of July fireworks 2011 独立記念日花火大会の追加の写真の様子です。来年は日本からの写真希望者を募集中です。詳しくはこちらまで

SBJPG – 4th of July Beach & Fireworks 2011

Event Photography Volunteer Program from SBJPG


What is Event Photography Volunteer Program?

For Volunteers (SBJPG members), it is a chance to experience photographing events like a pro.  Shoot and Quick Review onsite to maximaize learning experience with SBJPG’s hands-on approach to be a photographer.

For Event Owner/Provider, it is inexpensive way* to capture your event photographically by SBJPG’s monitored volunteer shooters**.

Please call me 637-0158 or contact me via email: info@sbjpg.com

*Most likely free, if not at cost.  Donation greatly appreciated.
**Beginner to Semi-advanced.