SBJPG – Flamenca Loca

I am going to continue studying flamenco someday, I will I will, I want to, but first thing first, right?  I will get this SBJPG going strong within next few years, and then I will have a photography workshop in Brazil where my flamenco teacher resides.  In a meantime, I just have to settle with taking pix or watching others dance (with a twist); thus Flamenca Loca.

Beautiful Clarissa is a dancer/performer, and flamenca loca.

Maximus (R) helped me with the backdrop.  I picked up a beach boy and a girl for extra hands.  The girl was behind the backdrop holding it up.

SBJPG / Santa Barbara Japan Photography Group



One response to “SBJPG – Flamenca Loca

  1. 美しい

    8 月にダンサーとります!



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