Lynnie: why are you taking pictures of meeeee??

I am far from calling myself a photoshop power user (not that I want to be as such), but I have been doing alright with what I know for what I need to do. I have always had “just do it” approach with it like many other new things in my life, and it may not be the best way to do things but it sure has worked for me; however, after having this edition of IMAGE EDITING WORKSHOP (so-called PHOTOSHOP), I would probably feel better to help others establish their own digital imaging workflow. It is fun to play with photoshop, but understanding and creating (establishing) your own workflow is whole different thing, and probably the key to successful and efficient learning process of image editing.  SBJPG‘s next “Image Editing Workshop” will be repeat of this, as I plan to have similar materials for establishing one’s own workflow.

Downtown Santa Barbara, there’s a staircase with flavor of art deco that tickle my sense of bauhaus.  Every time I drive by there my eyes are like “schwing!!”, so I grabbed Lynn and Martin as soon as I met them at one of the room in the SB public main library.  I was excited to see the site with the light I wanted.                   photos by Martin.


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