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Business Publicity Headshots, and then some.

Suzanne brought ZEN to her business publicity session for her new website.  We arranged our session with semi-formal headshots for her business (Yoga Instructor), and cute and bit sexy images for her personal use.  Her new website is almost finished and be online in mid September with my images.  Make sure to check back then :-)  In a meantime, check out her current site anyway!!


Business Publicity for Two

A business publicity session for a jazz singer and a piano player at Steinway & Sons Piano Gallery in LA yesterday.

Location Check 撮影現場チェック

I have been waiting for this place to be available and now it is.   A good friend of mine had a special access to this site.  As I was making quick shots of different spots early this evening, I was already in heaven just by thinking all the wonderful photo shoots I could do there …. Secretly, I am crossing my fingers that no one want to buy the house for few years.  That’s terrible!!


my lunch today


SBJPG’s first mini lecture series on Stock Photography took place last night with our member Henrik sharing his knowledge and experiences of shooting for Stock. An original 60-minute mini-lecture extended to 100 minutes.  Then, even more talk on stock photography in casual setting of Dargen’s Irish Bar with some food and few beers afterwards.  It was fun, and could have been a good stock photography setting :)

Henrik prepares his materials

Henrik Stock Photography Info
dreamstime stock agency
shutterstock images

Also, my friend and a shooter Jon sent me a very useful link for this occasion. Thanks Jon!



Visiting Monty

I’m going to visit a dog Monty tomorrow for 4 days.  He lives with his mama Lynn, my friend, she invited me to hang out with Monty before my leaving for Japan next week.

Happy Dog Session
Happy Dog Session (update)
A Bad Day for Monty
A Bad Day for Monty Continues…
Monty Runs
Good Boy
Monty Attack

SBJPG – A basket full of Fall (update)

Yesterday late afternoon Santa Barbara at Sunset hour (magic hour), SBJPG’s fashion shoot-out quickly turned into a lighting demo workshop.  Still, continue reminding shooters to go for ‘edgy, fashion’, not ‘portrait’. Lucky we didn’t have no mosquito attack (like the last few location shoots), instead we had to deal with not “swarm of” but annoying amount of little flies flying around our eyes and nostrils. Not a good place for people with entomophobia. Douglas Family Preserves (AKA: Wilcox Property) うーんと、一応ファッションってことで 夕べの撮影会だったんだけど、メンバーの要求でライティング実習撮影会になってしまった。日が落ちて暗くなるまで撮影。今回のロケーションは蚊に襲われずによかったのだが、何やら小さなハエが僕らの目や鼻の穴のまわりをブーンブーン言って飛びやがってた。ロケーションはダグラスファミリー保存地 (ウィルコックス所有地と地元には知られている)


Opposite end of where we were, a couple of lovers were enjoying the wine and the sunset over the cliff of Wilcox Property. Maybe that’s what we should do after the workshop at the location like this.