SBJPG – Full Moon August 8月満月撮影会

Last saturday was full moon but again we were discouraged by not-so-good weather. I’m not sure how other area was, but dark where I was and the horizon view with thick low clouds :(  Eventually the moon showed up and made few shots with high moon, and then some. Next month, full moon in Japan. Should be interesting. またまた霧のかかったなんとなくさびしい8月の満月撮影会は始まった。30分過ぎになって、やっと月の登場はかなり高位置の月になってしまったいた。うーん、と想像していた写真とは違うものになりつつあったのだが、こりゃ、うじゃうじゃ言ってる暇はねえ!ってことて、そのまま撮影続行あるのみで、まあ、結構楽しく過ごせたと思う。来月は日本の満月だ。

 I took my friend Wanda to sit with us.

– 20 minutes after moonrise :(

– Shortly after 30 minutes, the moon appeared briefly only to disappear back into cloudy sky.

– By the time I got this look, the moon was little too high for what I wanted to do.

Fabulous model Sybille and Mike

SBJPG / Santa Barbara Japan Photography Group

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