SBJPG – Event Photography Volunteer Program @ Canary Hotel

SBJPG’s another Event Photography Volunteer Program for Pacific Pride Foundation, once again it’s a mixer at a hotel rooftop last week appropriately titled; “Sunset at the rooftop”.  Most of these event images are shot by PJC (yellow banner with PJC). ふたたびSBJPGのボランテア活動の様子です。今回はカナコトホテルでの夕日のパーティの撮影会。SBJPGメンバーのPJCさんががんぱちゃって沢山のよい写真が出来ました。

SBJPG members: PJC, Amanda, Gary, Henrik, and PPF’s David, and Greg da member.

 PJC gets her last frame before catching her elevator

 At a restaurant after the workshop, an impromptu photo shoot flashes off

Our next Ga Ga like model-to-be

I think PJC was saying things like “these are mine!” as she held her camera and a glass of mimosa, or something like that…

 Henrik told me what these were, now I can’t remember.

PJC and Greg examines


PJC:  Jennifer Chanthaboury


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