SBJPG – A basket full of Fall (update)

Yesterday late afternoon Santa Barbara at Sunset hour (magic hour), SBJPG’s fashion shoot-out quickly turned into a lighting demo workshop.  Still, continue reminding shooters to go for ‘edgy, fashion’, not ‘portrait’. Lucky we didn’t have no mosquito attack (like the last few location shoots), instead we had to deal with not “swarm of” but annoying amount of little flies flying around our eyes and nostrils. Not a good place for people with entomophobia. Douglas Family Preserves (AKA: Wilcox Property) うーんと、一応ファッションってことで 夕べの撮影会だったんだけど、メンバーの要求でライティング実習撮影会になってしまった。日が落ちて暗くなるまで撮影。今回のロケーションは蚊に襲われずによかったのだが、何やら小さなハエが僕らの目や鼻の穴のまわりをブーンブーン言って飛びやがってた。ロケーションはダグラスファミリー保存地 (ウィルコックス所有地と地元には知られている)


Opposite end of where we were, a couple of lovers were enjoying the wine and the sunset over the cliff of Wilcox Property. Maybe that’s what we should do after the workshop at the location like this.


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