SBJPG – Monitor Calibration & 1st Thursday

As I was heading to SB Library last night for SBJPG‘s Monitor Calibration Day I drove by a group of people doing something artsy at the intersection by the SBMA.  I had about 45 minutes to kill so parked my car few blocks away and walked up to the crowed.  “Uh, this is one of those 1st Thursday thingy, isn’t it?” asking for a confirmation from no one particular.  I had a camera with me (what?) and what else was supposed to do??

Studying her Life line

Erica shows off her leopard shoe                                                                   Photo by Josey

                            To some people she was a fortune-teller, was a yoga lady,                                                   a performer, and to me she was a Gypsy Lady although                                                       she described herself as “Power Thing”.

Phony gypsy from Japan                                                                               Photo by Camille

Mama Camille, Camille and Gypsy Lady

I forced them go “Yes, Kenji!!” with pokemon fist action

Visual Arts & Design Academy of SB High School

Calico* shares her vision with the world.  SB High senior

*                                                                                *                                                                               *

I eventually got to my meeting at the library.  Jon and PJC tackled their calibration issues of their monitor

Jon’s HDR work sample


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