Japan はやっの山 (林の山)

This little truck takes us to my dad’s mountain 山に行くには軽トラでいきます

A small Hatchet is your best friend in order to move forward やっぱし斧があると心強い

My father planted these trees 40+ years ago. They were 2 feet baby trees then, and now they are…oh I don’t know, TALL.

He feels at most comfortable here. This is where I want my dad to die, not in a hospital or anything like that although I don’t want him to ever die, never ever. I’m sorry this is not a happy note. I’m sorry, but we all die someday, then why don’t we die happy.. 僕の父はこの山の中が一番しあわせ。死んじゃう時は病院なんかじゃなく、ここで死んでもらいたい。。でも死んでもらいたくはないけれど。。。あ〜、縁起わるいね。ごめんなさい。でも人は皆死ぬ。だったら幸せに死んでいきたいものだから。。。

He is showing me his rice field 田んぼを見せてくれている父

… and very healthy rice きれいに出来たお米

His uncle’s, his brother’s and sister’s rice fields nearby, also his friends and neighbor’s just the other side of the river. 彼の叔父や、姉妹兄弟の田んぼ、そして近所の友達の田んぼも川の向こう側にある。

Circa 1890: Built by my grandfather and his friends where my father was born and grew up with his eight Siblings. お爺ちゃんや彼の友達により作られた家。明治の末期から大正の初めに作られたと教えられた。父は、そして8人の姉妹兄弟はここで生まれ育った。


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