SBJPG_Japan: Osumi Lakeside Festival 大隅湖レイクサイドフェスティバル

Although it rained pretty consistently during the most of the performances and the fireworks at Osumi Lakeside Festival last night, I had a grand time!!  How this whole event was put together and handled, I was simply impressed, to say the least.  It was really interesting (for me) to see the first 20 min. of fireworks with the laser show which synchronized to some kind of Japanese pop music.  I almost whatever thing in my pants!! (cuz it was funny and great at the same time) Then good ol’ straight forward fireworks had started, but it wasn’t just fireworks. It was one of the best fireworks I’ve seen.  I love Santa Barbara’s 4th of July fireworks over the Sterns Wharf.  I enjoy it every year and I often get great photos to prove it, but Santa Barbara Sparkle MUST come to this event and learn something from them. I give a lot of credit to the Master Fireworks Makers as well as the location of this festival.  Oh, the location!   This lake (especially the festival site) was surrounded by mountains and that gave fantastic natural sound system which created super bass sound with just right amount of echo in high pitch sound.  It was OMG kick-ass sound that I felt it to the core of my body and to my heart!  The only thing was that I didn’t know they had three different Fireworks Launch Sites where they took turn every five minutes for next thirty minutes!!  (uh, I was mess cuz of it)  Yes, I did asked three locals about the fireworks when I first got there and they all told me “somewhere there” with a wide looping gesture which I took it as a general area.  No one said anything about three separate spots!!  Doggamn it!  I know now and I will definitely be prepared for next year for sure!!  Mr. Sakamoto was there with me shooting da fireworks (his first time), and according to him it was “disaster”.  He now is determined to get better with fireworks pictures and photography in general, and I know he will :)  It was long, loud and very satisfying fireworks!!

    A little game of goldfish scooping I use be really good at…..

      Rain nor wind, nothing will stop Mr. Sakamoto: Samurai Photographer

                   Mayor of Kanoya City greets wet and patient audiences

              The event organizers kept calling them as flowers of umbrellas

… and these are my Santa Barbara 4th of July Fireworks 2011..

Click image to enlarge 画像クリックで拡大

Click image to enlarge 画像クリックで拡大



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