Clean or Not So Clean

Clean or Not So Clean, that is the question of this morning.  I know I want to go excellence over perfection nowadays, so I shouldn’t be even worrying about shit like this.  There’s little voice in my head saying, “it won’t hurt. just few minutes of your time.. go ahead, dwell on it”.  ugh.




7 responses to “Clean or Not So Clean

  1. The clean version is great if you are putting it into a mag. for review. The not so clean version looks just as edible.


  2. When looking, I immediately said CLEAN! Then after 10 seconds I said… well… maybe not. ;0)

    I think I give the nod to the clean version, but it may be the composition of the portrait orientation with the spoon in the back ground vs whether or not the food is “clean” or “dirty (mixed up)


  3. Bob, that’s exactly what happpend with me this morning.. I had the shot (clean) that I was happy with, and then I started to munch a little and I thought, “heeeeey, wait a minute”. I shoulda just put down my camera and eat it and be merry… ha ha ha.
    Thanks for da feedback, sir maximus!


  4. Thanks Bigboomer! I think I’m going with ‘clean’. (and I ate it all!!) Happy New Year!!!!


  5. the not so clean looks like my cup of tea! ;) x


  6. Hey… dontcha peel your oranges?!?


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