2012 Here We Come (SBJPG初日の出)

Yes, I was worried about my New Years Day Hatsuhinode (1st Sunrise of the Year) when I saw, or rather didn’t see the New Years Eve Sunrise cuz of heavy fog. I thought I’d better come up with a plan B just in case and I did, but end up not needing it at all.  New Years Day had arrived with clear blue sky (too clear for photographers, though…), and there are 9 of us from SBJPG, and 3 other photo enthusiasts were there, and one of whom became a member by the end of the day!  The Sunrise with pretty much clear sky, and then massive fog bank slowly creeping up to swallow the Sun.  We all enjoyed twice as much for this edition of First Sunrise of the Year.

Morning of New Years Eve. Heavy Fog. :(

Happy New Year 2012

Angelica, Angela, Anglea, Robert, Bob, (Julia), (Andrew), Kenji & Dennis

Members at work

Bob and I planning for 2012


One response to “2012 Here We Come (SBJPG初日の出)

  1. love your hat! fabulous. x


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