Business Publicity Session while Boxing…kinda

I was out there on one weekend doing a SBJPG workshop at a Boxing Gym, I had an opportunity to do a quick 30-minute head shot session for my friend, Kimi. She needed few good shots of her for her new business, or more like her new project.  It was no difference doing it there on location or in a studio environment as long as I had consistent lighting conditions; diffused, non directional, non specular, (sometimes called ‘glamour lighting’) and etc… The lighting; that’s not all it matters here but certainly matters A LOT.  Anyway, as soon as she showed up, I spent ten minutes setting up a portable studio/shooting area at in front of the gym, next to the parking lot. While SBJPG members were still photographing inside of the gym, I commenced shooting right there at a Kamikaze Photo Studio.  Several outfits, few shooting direction adjustments and 20 minutes later, we were done deal.



2 responses to “Business Publicity Session while Boxing…kinda

  1. Nice..but the laughing one..I’d phototshop out the shinny back of her throat?


  2. Oh..maybe it’s a tooth,lol


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