Accessing my blog admin with my new device: iPad

Whenever we get a computer related new toy, you’d have to invest almost a day or two to sorta get the hang of it (right?).  A good friend of mine is letting me use his iPad that he is not using.  Of course this is not my first time around with such devices, still I’m finding myself somewhat frustrated with few new features here and there. I’ve been on it for three hours now, I guess I could play with it for few more hours.

Ok, so I am finding out that I can not upload image files using iPad platform, is that it?  I’m gonna google it.

Alrighty, I found an extremely useful blog from the down under Sue Walter and Bonnie Burt’s THE EDUBLOGGER told me that there was an app for it (of course!).  I’m gonna take a short break, stretch and feed myself a bit and tackle with the image upload issue later :)

What else do you guys know about iPad?  Any tips and tricks?


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