Customization Update on iPad

My very good friend of mine brought me his iPad this afternoon. He said he could live without, but I want to be able to do 1)image presentation, 2)update my blog and Facebook on location with image upload. I don’t intended to do image editing on iPad(maybe very basic such as cropping and exposure control, but not that important).

Ok, this is where I am at as of now:

– Music synchronized with my iTunes in my Mac
– Image files uploaded from my Mac to iPad
– Image files deleted from my iPad
– Missing Apple ID and password
– Can’t upload images to WordPress
– WordPress has new app for iPad users and I will download it tomorrow after I retrieve Apple ID and password (so that I can upload images)
– Set URL bookmarks with default browser (Safari)
– Can’t upload images to Facebook and of course there is an app for it, and again I will download it tomorrow after my ID and password.
– No Japanese language kit in this iPad :(
– Fining out most of the hardware functions
– If I update my OS(my PC), I can sync data using Bluetooth

Ok, time to go to bed. It’s been fun. Thanks almighty iPad.


One response to “Customization Update on iPad

  1. love mac. love macbook pro. love iphone. love ipad. love steve jobs. loveKenji! :) xxx


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