Tony & Melissa’s 60th Birthday Party

Fraternal Twins Tony and Melissa have celebrated their fabulous 60th birthday party with their close friends and family at Arnold’s Cafe, Santa Barbara, CA.

My assistant Martin covered Wall of Fame* portrait session for me.

                 Wall of Fame Portrait Session

                 Wall of Fame Portrait Session

Wall of Fame Portrait Session

To view all 328 images, click here (will be available after 11:00AM Monday February 27th)

What is Wall of Fame? 
Wall Of Fame (WOF)  is a photography service sort of like deluxe version of prom photography that let you be whatever, do whatever and anything goes.  Yes, you can say it’s the prom photos on steroid and is always a big hit at any events such as corporate parties, holiday parties, and of course wedding receptions.  Just explore your alter ego, and be formal, semi-formal, informal, funky, spunky, cool, goofy, sexy, cute, pretty, DMV-ish, wild, crazy, single, group, brothers, sisters, family and more!  It’s definitely a fun time for everybody!  


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