Drag in the Funk Zone!

When I saw a drag show for the first time ever at a local bar many many and many moons ago, it made a quite an impact on me.  She dressed like Madonna and lip-syncing to one of her song (now I can’t remember which song that was).  I knew she was a dude, but she looked soooo good and danced very well up on the stage that I had to go back stage after the show and tell her she was an excellent performer.  I think I was hoping to see Madonna-like person back there, but I found a little Mexican dude without his wig and makeup half off sitting at his makeup table and said to me “THANK YOU” with very low male voice (thus, lip-syncing). I was heart-broken right there right then.  I think it was my first time and the last time that I felt like I was watching a woman perform, not a drag queen.  SBJPG was there to photograph the event.

Drag in the Funk Zone was a drag show last weekend at THE PUB in a little artsy fartsy section called “Funk Zone” in Santa Barbara.

If you like to see more images from this event, click here.
More info on SBJPG/Santa Barbara Japan Photography Group


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