Michael Jackson 3rd Anniversary

I went up over the San Ysidro Valley to Michael’s (ex) Neverland Valley Ranch where he once called home.  I was going through a tough time on my own that very day, my tear that day was not only for Michael but also for my own.

I arrived early enough no one was there just yet.

Many personalized messages to Michael were around the property’s gate.

Also messages on the wall.

It looked like bunch of kids from a small school were here too.

A message was carved in a rock.

These two sisters flew in from China for this.

Mary from LA having a small picnic.

More people started to show up.

A small local TV also showed up.

It was a good visit for me.  I rarely do such things.  I know that that period of time for me had a significant personal meaning than just the death of the greatest entertainer  of our time.  I think I knew what it meant that day.  Thanks Michael, and rest well.

Mary also showed me her production of Michael Jackson Short (2 min) Movie.  If you like to check it out here.


2 responses to “Michael Jackson 3rd Anniversary

  1. It’s been 3 years since his shocking death. We miss you Michael. You will always be the King of Pop. There’s a memorial page dedicated to MJ on Evertalk. https://apps.facebook.com/evertalk/index/memorial/michaeljackson495


  2. Hi SYD,
    It’s going to be 6 years this June, and still missed by many. I have to agree with you that there will be no one like MJ. :( I also wanted to apologize that it took me way too long to reply your comment. I’ve wanted to do so quite some time now; however, due to my health issue I haven’t been able to make myself to do ordinary things. I’m going to get my you know what together and be more active with my blog this year. Thank you again for checking out my blog ‘long ago’!! Im gonna go my best to keep it up… cheers. Kenji


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