Blue Moon (Full Moon August – 2012)

Interesting indeed how your day turned into something totally different especially when you weren’t expecting.  It was one of many SBJPG’s full moon shoot out, and we were going to just get high up in the mountain and wait for the moon.  While we were driving up half way in the mountain, we saw a local fire department doing a field exercise and I immediately knew it was going to be hot shots.  Few firemen were standing against the Sun creating fantastic silhouette figures of men working with a fire hose.
Dennis frames his shot.

Fire fighters from Painted Cave Fire Department.  Thanks, Chief!!

When we got to the shooting site (Knapp Castle), there were several people up there enjoying majestic Sunset, doing yoga and just hanging out.
Renee and Carolina at Sunset meditation.

We were like “the moon! the moon!” just as the moon appeared.  After the Sunset, the temperature dropped dramatically whereas when we were up here three weeks ago for the Perseids Meteor Shower, it was incredibly warm night and no bugs at all that we were able to camp out without blankets.

Blue Moon (August 2 & August 31, 2012)

Dennis was getting ready to shoot.  (I lit him up with my flashlight)

Amazingly bright full moon illuminated the entire area.

A regular household flashlight made a fire pit come alive. (yellow light)

Self-portrait with the full moon light only.

Flashlight Heart. (white light)
懐中電灯で描いた♡ (白色系)

LOVE appeared.   (believe it or not, this was my very 1st and only attempt)

“LOVE” in chinese character.  (tried four times)
漢字の ”愛” に挑戦したけど、なんか変になっちゃた。(4回挑戦)

I’m going to try coming up here again for next new moon night (9/15) which will be so dark that should provide a perfect night sky to photograph stars. – This fireplace was lit by the full moon (front side), and a flashlight on the side, inside and foreground for 30 second (without the flashlight, it would’ve appeared in black without detail).
この撮影現場ではいろんなことが出来そう。次回の新月の夜 (9/15) は暗い夜になので、空いっぱいのお星様を撮りに来ようと思ってます。   この石暖炉の前の部分は月の光によって照らされ、横と暖炉の中と写真の手前は懐中電灯で30秒はど照らされています。(懐中電灯なしでは、それらの部分はほとんど真っ黒にしか写りません)。

Anyone wants to join for next new moon night, please sign up HERE.


One response to “Blue Moon (Full Moon August – 2012)

  1. The pictures of those girls especially are magical. Someday I will be able to do things like that.


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