Endangered Species Protection/Birthday Party Event

Big Life Foundation was what my friend Donna’s mind when she wanted to celebrate her 50th birthday, so she planned a Safari theme birthday party as in sort of trial-run party for a fundraiser for Big Life Foundation in  May 2013.

Big Life Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of Africa’s wildlife and ecosystems founded in September 2010 by photographer Nick Brandt in urgent response to the recent dramatic escalation in poaching across much of Africa.

Donna and her animals (girls) are getting ready to perform.

Show time!! ショータイム!!

All kinds of “animals”. いろんな “動物” がいます

Monkey makes move on a sexy tiger.  お猿さんが虎をナンパ中

We also did “Wall Of Fame” session of these animals. Wall Of Fame (WOF) is a fun photography service sort of like deluxe version of prom photography that let you be whatever and do whatever you wish.  Yes, you can say it’s the prom photos on steroid as in “anything goes”, and is always a big hit at events such as corporate parties, holiday parties, birthday party and of course wedding receptions.  Just explore your alter ego, and be formal, semi-formal, informal, funky, spunky, cool, goofy, sexy, cute, pretty, DMV-ish, wild and crazy.  We can shoot singles, groups, brothers, sisters, family and more!  It’s definitely a fun time for everybody!  Simon Cowell says, “Get your freaky Paula Abdul on” (or not).


Birds of Paradise








Tribe man

Sexy cat

Eventually thirty-six of these animals will make into a 20×30 poster. (Samples below – Creature Series)
Hip Brazil – Summer Solstice 2010 / Santa Barbara, California

Renaissance Festival / San Luis Obispo, California

SBJPG/Santa Barbara Japan Photography Group
Big Life Foundation

So, we’d like to make next fundraising party (May 2013) into a largest annual celebration. It is a time for activists, donors, volunteers, and all animal supporters to gather and send messages and stop those who kill animals for profit. Anyone interested in assisting with this year’s celebration should contact Donna Fertig (donnafertig@facebook.com) or at ‘phone number’ or by email.


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