My old website has to go

Good morning Saturday! Some of the newer Smartphones out there can’t access my website because it was made eons ago, not to mention my images are old and my studio contact info is so outdated. I know it’s gonna get worse if I don’t do something about it soon. (My blog is fine because it is managed by almighty WordPress.) I already have all the backend necessities (domain names, hosting, contents, etc…), so I’m going to focus on redesigning it today and tomorrow and re-publish it by Monday!! Here I said it. Wish me luck.

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4 responses to “My old website has to go

  1. I feel your pain – guessing it’s a Flash-based site – good luck & looking forward to your updated WordPress version!


    • Jenni-son, Flash-based site! Yes, you are right!! I guess it was a trendy thing to do back then :) .. and some of those images are almost 15 years old! I really need to get on with the program!

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      • It’s hard to choose what to share & how .. I’ve been using Smugmug but not planning to renewing my membership .. wondering how to make up for it.. :-D Redesigning my site or something <3

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  2. Jennii, I say you so totally redesign one especially you now have cool 3D graphics of your own!! Either that, you can create a FB page with many different albums of your work…. Great thing about it is that you can build it little by little every day and before you know it, it will be a huge amount of galleries. (Which I should do as well!) What do you think?


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