Wall of Fame Horizontal Template

I had to come up with a new template for my Wall of Fame posters.  I never had to make them in Horizontal format. Images are from last year’s one of many Holiday Parties for a Santa Barbara’s local company.  It was a usual event photography so most of the images were shot in horizontals.  Here’s what I came up with.

Note: Background color could be anything for your occasion or with a touch of seasonal flavor.

What is Wall of Fame anyway?   Wall of Fame (WOF) is a mobile studio portrait service that’s a deluxe version of prom photography or you could say Wall of Fame is prom photography on steroid as in “anything goes”, and let you be whatever and do whatever you wish. WOF is always a big hit at events such as corporate parties, fundraisers, holiday parties, birthday parties, wedding receptions, and etc…  Just explore your alter ego, and be formal, informal, funky, spunky, cool, goofy, sexy, cute, pretty, DMV-ish, wild and crazy.  We can shoot singles*, groups*, family* and more!  After all is said and done, a WOF Poster(s) of your event will be produced to show the world how great your event was. It’s definitely a fun time for everybody!  Simon Cowell says, “Get your freaky Paula Abdul on”.  (or not)

There’s a non-profit rate available, so please talk to me about if that’s what your event is based on. (Providing Federal Tax ID or EIN for a non-profit business or charity)


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