The Way of Buddha

How Does a Buddha Receive Negative Feedback?
If there’s one thing most of us hate, it is unsolicited advice or criticism. It hurts our feelings; We’re not prepared to hear it. We didn’t ask for anyone’s feedback, and we bristle with resentment. Rooted in this negative mind-set, anger bubbles up. All this makes it so hard to learn from unasked-for-counsel.

The compassionate scholar and monk Shatideva here urges you to let go of your ego and recognize the value of listening to other people’s feedback, perhaps ‘especially’ when you didn’t ask for it. If you give in to resentment, you learn from no one. If you are grateful, you learn from everyone. If you truly want to be wise, you will view everyone as your teacher. The most important lessons you need to learn may come from very unlikely sources. Listen carefully when someone gives you an admonition: it may be the Budddha talking to you.

IMG_2493LRIMG_2495LRIMG_2505LRTonight’s Mr.Hamada’s workshop of Resolving Life’s Problems Through Buddhism, Class 3: Resolving Work Problems.


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