Japan 2009 Videolog

I am using my still camera (DSLR) and a little video camera during this trip.  My DSLR with a fast lens (f1.8) is excellent everywhere, and my video camera has been producing wonderful video clips.  You can view more still images if you go under the category of “Japan Update”.  I wish someday someone develop a piece of image capturing device to also record scent.  Wonderful scent of flowers, mountains and miso soup.  写真はカテゴリーのジャパンアップデイト(Japan Update)をクリックすれば、もっと見れますです.

April 3, 2009


My first breakfast in Japan


April 3, 2009    Hide-n-Seek I

Kids in the neighborhood play hide-n-seek (01:19)


April 3, 2009    Hide-n-Seek II

Kids in the neighborhood play hide-n-seek (00:33)

“moh eekai?” / Are you ready?
“moh eeyo” / We are ready
“mah dadayo” / We are not ready

Careful with “moh eekai”. (Are you ready?)

If you pronounce it “moh ikkai” which means (One more time).


April 3, 2009    Grocery Store

One of the few grocery store in town.  This one is a unique and a local, three others are chain stores (convenience stores) like seven elevens. (00:18)


April 3, 2009  Mobiki in One minute I

I took a walk to my Jr. High School
Front yard of my parents house, Bonsai trees, A vacant crop field, My family store front, Once a popular local super market, Wild flower, A road down to Jr. high,   Jr. high school and its adjacent field. (00:52)


April 3, 2009  Usual Morning I

My father: Up by 7:30am, get dress, wash and wake himself up, make tea, get the paper, sit down and start reading it by 8:00am.  It’s a clock work. (00:38)


April 3, 2009  Shopping Center Sakihama

Once “the spot” where everyone in town shopped and all the young people gathered and laughed, but now the building stands alone quietly.  There is a small booth nearby where you can still buy cigarettes, and also variety of soft drinks are sold with several vending machines in front of the building. (00:17)


April 3, 2009    Mobiki Jr. High School Baseball Team I

Making a short cut through the baseball field was my usual route to the Jr. High School (5 minutes walk).  While I was making few shots of the field, few baseball team members showed up.  (00:19)


April 3, 2009    Mobiki Jr. High School Baseball Team II

There are 12 kids in Mobiki Jr. High School baseball team.  Total number of the school is 62 this year and it will be shut down in two years, and the kids then will go to Jr. High School in a neighboring town. (00:21)


April 4, 2009  Mobiki in One minute II

Walking down the street to the house (01:02)


April 4, 2009  Mobiki in One minute III

Up the street, A Tea Party @ Ms.Tsukamoto’s (01:01)


April 4, 2009  Walking Koro

My father walks Koro.  They go up the street through the cemetery, quick visit to my uncle’s farm and return.  It’s about 15-minute walk if no detour (02:26)


April 4, 2009  Weeding I

Active meditation time for my father (01:37)


April 4, 2009  Doing the Bomboo

 We often see Bamboo shoots off our mountain roads this time of the year.  Nobody plants them but anyone can get them.  And they will be back more next year. (02:19)


April 4, 2009  Visit to a Charnel House

My grandmother (father’s side) passed away forty-four years ago today.  (01:36)


April 5, 2009    To My Aunt’s House

My Aunt’s house is down the street (mountain).  My father had built it over 60 years ago after the original house (which he was born in) was destroyed by a typhoon in 1946.  (02:16)


April 5, 2009    At Miyo’s House

My aunt’s husband (my dad’s older and only brother of seven siblings) passed away 5 years ago.  (02:02)


April 5, 2009  Puzzled Together

They were so cute together.  That’s all I could say.  (01:22)


April 5, 2009  Nishihara Buraku Town Meeting

I had an opportunity to attend Nishihara Buraku (Village) Town Meeting this afternoon.  My parents as well as my brother belong to this Buraku.  I was so wrong about “little village meeting” that I had in mind.  They were well organized and eager to get involved with well-being of the village, and when I saw more than few young people there, I had to talk with them and find out what they look for or hope for this little village’s future.  I was so impressed with what they had to say.  The answers were very inspiring.  (01:35)


April 6, 2009  Jr. High School Entrance Ceremony

My former Jr. High School Entrance Ceremony, I walked around the campus afterwords.  (05:25)


April 6, 2009  Trip to Tenquekan (Kihoku Observatory)

I know the story about the Kihoku Observatory.  After my region was awarded it for ‘Most Beautiful Night Sky in Japan’, the government funded observatory was built: Tenquekan (or Tenkyukan).  If anything, this should be one and only tourist spot in our area.  I asked my father the location of Kihoku Observatory, then he offered to drive me there.  He took me to the  windmills first (which is totally new to town).  Very cool.  Made a shot of us there.  We got to the observatory, it was windy day but we sat outside of the building and had some kind of juice and bananas and small cake/bread.  I had a grand time driving around with him although the observatory was closed due to a maintenance.  (01:13)


April 7, 2009  Ipponkunoki Mountain, Takenno I

One of his mountain in Takenno.  Ipponkunoki Mountain. (01:37)


April 7, 2009  Ipponkunoki Mountain, Takenno II

One of his mountain in Takenno.  Ipponkunoki Mountain. (02:50)


April 8, 2009  My Own Nanmyo Horengekkyo

I need to make me one of these. (00:25)


April 8, 2009  Mobiki in One Minute IV

My mum, my aunt, my sister-in-law and my cousin. (00:42)


April 8, 2009  Doing the Fish

One of my cousin’s husband loves to fish.  He often brings catch of the day home (fresh water fish).  My mum does it into fresh sashimi. (01:17)


April 9, 2009  Saba Soboro

This is a morning television show (like Good Morning America) and its cooking segment.  Unless you understand Japanese, you may find it rather boring.  It’s a long clip, so be carefull!   Here’s the recipe in both Japanese and English.  (04:44)   Japanese –  English


April 9, 2009  Mobiki in One Minute V

My mother is talking to her daughter-in-law about wild birds attacking her blueberry tree.  She is very annoyed by it. (00:27)


April 10, 2009  WaKohEn

Take you time and enjoy making tea as well as having it.  It was a very educational and tasty experience.  http://www.wakohen.co.jp (01:16)



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  4. Good VIDEO.
    I think nostalgic When I highschool student.

    MOBIKI high school is not change at all.


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