Katrina for Fielding’s Focus Magazine

It’s for fielding FOCUS magazine cover.  The Fielding Graduate University is located in Santa Barbara, California.  Fielding’s FOCUS MAGAZINE is a periodic university publication.

katrina (02:58)

photography: kenji fukudome
videography: shannon, kenji
makeup: shannon loar-cotè
art direction: susan stensland boetttner
client: fielding university
coordinator: sylvia williams
model: katrina rogers
. . .

fielding FOCUS magazine

my pick

These are my favorites.

. . .


3 responses to “Katrina for Fielding’s Focus Magazine

  1. Hi Kenji – Wow, this is great! Dig the video from the shoot too. By the looks of these samples we have a success! Your picks aren’t even the ones I was pointing out that day (arms crossed, smiling) so I know there are a lot of good ones… How / when will I see the whole batch? Looking forward to working with the photo and Typography. It was great meeting you finally and working together. Take care, Susan (dunedweller :-)


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